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  •  The ENTIRE Horiscale System ($3,500 Value)

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  •  AMZ Private Community ($3,000 Value)

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  •  BONUS #1 ➝ Supplier Vault (supplier spreadsheet) ($8,000 Value)

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  •  BONUS #3 ➝ FREE CRM access ($1,000 Value)

  •  BONUS #4 ➝ Additional FREE AMZ Membership ($1,000 Value)

  •  BONUS #5➝ Software Stack + Training ($500 Value)

  •  BONUS #6➝ Quality Check Service ($2,000 Value)

  • ​ BONUS #7 ➝ 1on1 GamePlan Call ($3,000 Value)

  • ​ BONUS #8 ➝  Arbitrage 14 day profits course ($1,000 Value)

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The ENTIRE Horiscale System 

The full A-Z system to create income with Amazon, word for word, click for click!

$3500 VALUE

90 days LIVE Weekly Group Coaching

Then a small group of us will meet once weekly to coach you through the process. That way you can get individualised support and coaching so we know you can succeed. 

We review your store, products, etc. TOGETHER!

$7000 VALUE

AMZ Private Community

You’ll also join our private community with countless of other AMZ rockstars. This way, ANY question you have, we’ll answer for you. ANY roadblock you have, we’ll solve for you. 

$3000 VALUE

Total Value: $13,500

Regular Investment: $6,000

Claim your spot today for only: $5,000

PLUS: You’ll Also Get These 8 Amazing Bonuses

Free Bonus #1:Supplier Vault (supplier spreadsheet)

If you invest now you’ll get access to our vault with supplier contacts, etc. Giving you a head start in order to make some orders


Free Bonus #2: DFY Employee Sourcing

No need to find, hire and sort through a bunch of hiring sites. You directly access the hiring platforms we work with. Saves you a TON of time & money.


Free Bonus #3: FREE CRM Access

Streamline your wholesale business with a Supplier CRM, saving you time and money. Effortlessly track suppliers, automate tasks, and enhance collaboration. Maximize productivity, boost profits, and nurture strong supplier relationships. It's the future of efficient supplier management, ensuring your wholesale success.


BONUS #5: Additional FREE AMZ Membership

If you come in today only we’ll allow you to partner with a friend or family to do this, FREE! 

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All you have to do is email after you do your onboarding call and let us know the name and email of the one person you’d like to invite. That’s it!


BONUS #6: 

Software Stack + Training

Andres will show you all the best AI tools & Softwares to automate your work with $0 (30 trials) or very low cost!


BONUS #9: 

Quality Check

Last but definitely not least, we quality check all your materials.

WE tell you if this will work or not

WE tell you your Niche together

WE review your Products together

After all, this is a partnership!


BONUS #10: 

1on1 GamePlan Call 

Get a 1on1 gameplan call with a coach to create your plan for the next 30 days to get success. Get an idea for your niche and get any questions answered!


BONUS #11: Arbitrage 14 day profits course

A full course on how to profit FAST by using yt shorts and affiliate links, fully included!


Total Value: $35,000

Regular Investment: $8,000

Claim your spot today for only: $5,000

Course Curriculum

  • Week 1: Foundations & Documentation

 👉 Foundations & The Road Ahead

 👉 Opening up Proper documentation needed


 👉 Business Bank Account

 👉 Resellers Certificate

 👉 All of the other things required prior to start selling on Amazon

  • Week 2: Understanding Amazon & Softwares

🧠 Supplier Management: Use software to organize supplier info.

🧠 Supplier Search: Find suppliers that match your needs.

🧠 Amazon Algorithm: Learn how Amazon search works.

🧠 Keyword Boost: Use keywords to improve visibility.

🧠 Competitor Study: Analyze competitors and adjust your strategy.

  • Week 3: Implementing all of our systems 

🤩 Setting Up Your Store

🤩 Getting Supplier research Information

🤩 Employee Sourcing (DIY)

🤩 Accessing the Supplier Vault

🤩 Niche Ideas

🤩 Amazon Regulations

🤩 Adding the Horiscale Method

  • Week 4: Analyzing Performance

🚀 Analytics Masterclass

🚀 Growth Tactics

🚀 Progress Checking

🚀 Increase Supplier Volume

🚀 Maximizing Profits

  • Week 5: Diversify

💰 Exploring Complementary niches

💰 Brand workshop

💰 Cashback masterclass

💰 Opportunities outside of wholesale

  • Week 6: Scaling Up

📈 Warehouse vs Prep Center

📈 Create Side Stores

📈 B2B trade

📈 Tradeshow Opportunities

  • Week 7: The Next Level

🔥 7 Figure Wholesale Business

Meet your teacher

Andres Dale, CEO of TheAmzBusiness who scaled his own Amazon store to over 7 figures in less than 3 years after dropping out of highschool. Who is now operating a warehouse and also investing in different angel investments.

Andres Dale

Frequently Asked Questions

 I don't have a lot of free time due to my job, how much time do i need to create a successful Amazon Store?

Almost all students come in with full-time jobs or college classes when they first start. This course was made for you to create online income so you can eventually quit your job and be free. You can work at your own pace and easily build your business in your off time. That being said you want to give it a minimum of 30-60min. a day and to make progress.

 Are there any additional investments or money I have to spend?

Ideally $1-$3k in inventory can be used to purchase products. You can also use credit cards in order to purchase inventory as well.

 How long til’ I see results?

Usually it takes about 1 week to open up all documentation and accounts regarding the set up.On average our students make their first order with 3-6 weeks its dependent on how fast you work and apply the info.

 What if I get stuck and have questions?

You'll have weekly live calls with myself and coaches where you will be able to ask your question 1on1 in a group setting on Zoom (the others will be muted whilst you conversate with the coach
You’ll also have access to our support group along with thousands of other students and myself. We will answer any questions you have within 24 hours.

 If you’re teaching everyone this, won’t it soon lose effectiveness?

There is no chance this will get saturated because:
#1: There are 1000 niches you can do, then 100000 different products you can select and THEN there are many languages you can do #2: Amazon has been rising in third party sellers every single year for over a decade #3: We teach you many ways of making money with the horiscale method , so that makes sure you're not even dependent on 1 source of income from only one product Plus: IF it would at any stop working (which it won't), we will immediately stop the course for obvious ethical reasons, but also because we would go broke promoting it as we introduced a model of making our profit because of your profit (the 5% partnership)

 I want to do this but I can’t buy until tomorrow. Will this still be available.?

When the timer runs out this price will go away forever, the page will turn into a different page where you will be able to go through our regular phone application process and the price will be $8k+
So If you want this price… then you have to be a decisive entrepreneur brothers and sisters.

Enroll in AMZ Partner program Today  and Save $3,000!

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